Capella Dance Academy

Where Everyone Deserves a Chance to Dance!

Jazz • Tap

Open Ballet

Musical Theatre

Hip Hop • Lyrical


Acro • Pointe


Registration Fee: $25.00 (per dancer), $35.00 (per family) After July 1st 2018, the registration fee will become $30.00 per dancer, or $40.00 per family. This amount is non-refundable once classes commence.

Tuition: Fees are payed monthly.

All registered dancers are guaranteed 30 classes pro-rated over 10 months.

  • One Hour Classes $42.50
  • One & a Half Hour Classes $60
  • Unlimited Classes $200
  • Kinder Dance Classes (45 min.) $35

All classes are held once a week.

Payment Options: Fees are to be paid in full by September 30, 2018 in 10 post dated cheques or paid quarterly (3 months, 3 months and 4 months). Please date these cheques for the first of every month. Cheques are to be made payable to Capella Dance Academy. There will be a $20.00 charge for all NSF cheques.

Monthly cash payments will NOT be accepted. If cash payments are necessary, a minimum of 3 months at a time are required.

OVERDUE PAYMENTS: If payments are 30 days overdue a 10% interest will be charged, 60 days overdue a 20% interest will be charged. 90 days overdue will result in the termination of the dancer’s classes and 30% charged on unpaid fees.

Payment Breakdown: Class fees are pro-rated over 10 months. Some months will have more classes than others. This does not affect monthly totals. 30 classes are guaranteed in the dance year. A majority of classes will receive 33-35 classes. There will be NO dance classes held over Winter Break, Spring Break or on Stat Holidays unless otherwise notified.

Costume Deposit: $75.00 (per dance) All costume deposits are due at the time of registration and may be post-dated for October 1, 2018. All cheques must be made payable to Julie Ann Design. Deposits are non-refundable after December 1, 2018.

High Competition Costume Deposit: $100.00 (per dance)

Costume Cost: $90-$150 (average per costume depending on design, level and size)



Capella’s Rights

Capella Dance Academy reserves the right to terminate registration due to poor attendance/attitude. Registering with Capella Dance Academy is a 10 month commitment. 30 days notice for termination by a registered participant is required. If a dancer chooses to no longer attend classes after January 1, 2019, they must have a doctor’s recommendation or 30% of dance fees for the remaining months must be paid in full.

Capella’s Rules

All dancers will be placed in classes that the instructors see fit. Age is a guideline for class placement and is then based on experience. If a dancer is brand new to dance and over the age of 8, it will be recommended that they take at least one year of a recreational class or Ballet to get their basis before entering a competition class.

All Regular Competition dancers must take either Ballet or a Tech class. All competitive Acro dancers must also take a Tech class or Ballet. This is mandatory.